MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace Whines: 'Delusional America' Calls for Firing Milley

September 17th, 2021 9:58 PM

You ignorant Americans! How "delusional" can you be to think there was anything wrong about the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff promising America's greatest adversary to tip them off to any impending attack!

As "delusional" as that might seem to patriotic Americans, that was exactly Nicolle Wallace's opinion on her MSNBC show Friday. Discussing Joint Chief Chairman Mark Milley's phone call with his ChiCom counterpart in which he promised to give advance warning of a US attack ordered by President Trump, Wallace whined:

"Over in delusional America, where disinformation rules the day, there are calls for his firing and worse."

Former Obama aide and frequent MSNBC contributor Jeremy Bash was only too happy to agree, saying he was "proud" that "General Milley did exactly the right thing."

Bash also claimed that "the duty of the United States military [is] to maintain the peace and security and stability of the United States."

Wrong. The duty of the US military is to carry out the orders of the Commander-in-Chief. "Maintaining peace and security" is the excuse that Third World militaries use to justify coup d'etats!

Note: consider the implications of Milley's promise to the Communist Chinese military that he would tip them off to any coming American attack. Milley would be sending our military members into an ambush where the enemy would be waiting for them! How is that not a fireable offense, or much, much, worse?

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace claiming it was "delusional" for Americans think there was anything wrong with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff promising to give China advance notice of any attack was sponsored in part by Kraft and Hyundai

Here's the transcript.

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4:47 pm EDT 

NICOLLE WALLACE: Jeremy, on sort of the broader conversation that's been happening in the days since Bob Woodward and Bob Costa, excerpts of their book “Peril” have come out, I’ve been wanting to ask your thoughts about, first, General Milley’s conduct, which he is defending and a lot of people are saying when all the adults and the guardrails and everyone else failed or couldn’t take Donald Trump anymore, he stayed and protected the country and did the right thing. And, but, over in delusional America, where disinformation rules the day, there are calls for his firing and worse. Your thoughts?

JEREMY BASH: Well, a couple things, Nicolle. First, a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, any chairman, has responsibility for dialoguing with other countries, both our friends and close allies as well as our potential competitors and adversaries. So, it’s not unusual for a chairman to have conversations with the head of the Chinese military or the head of another country’s armed forces to compare notes, to sync up, to telegraph specific messages. 

And I think it’s a very important role that this chairman played in telegraphing to the Chinese, no, we’re not going to attack you. There is stability in the United States. And don’t miscalculate. 

Because, after all, so many wars, so many military conflicts, can be sparked from miscalculation. So, I’m totally comfortable with what General Milley did in this case. Moreover, I think in this particular matter, because there was such a lunatic in the Oval Office, someone who was unpredictable, someone who had politicized intelligence, politicized the Justice Department, attempted to politicize the military, I think – I'm proud. I think it was right of General Milley, and I’m proud that he stood firm and made clear that the United States military was not going to be dragged into a political gamesmanship at the 11th hour of the Trump administration.

And that it is the duty of the United States military to maintain the peace and security and stability of the United States. I understand there may be other contexts in which uniformed military transmitting messages to other countries may be out of sync with what the Commander-in-Chief wanted. That wasn’t this case. This case was a case where Donald Trump truly was threatening the stability of the entire world! 

And I think General Milley did exactly the right thing.