MSNBC Guest Warns Biden: 'Pony Up,' Don't Just 'Appease' White People

November 8th, 2020 9:19 PM

Let the games begin!

We got a taste this morning of the kind of civil war brewing within the Democrat party should Joe Biden indeed become the next president.

Appearing on MSNBC's AM Joy show, Brittney Cooper, a Rutgers professor of women's, gender, and Africana studies, issued a demand coupled with a stark warning to Biden. Her demand: Biden must "pony up" with policies and "real investments" for black people in general, and black women in particular, whom she described as being responsible for his victory [if such it was.]



Her warning to Biden: don't "make this about appealing to centrist voters and Trump voters," or spend too much of your time "appeasing white voters."

Cooper, saying her eyes would be "laser-focused" on Biden/Harris, predicted that there would be "hard wrestling" in the months to come. No doubt. If a  Biden presidency does come to pass, there's sure to be a big run on popcorn in conservative circles!

When it comes to not appeasing conservatives, Cooper definitely practices what she preaches. Back in 2015, NewsBusters caught her saying that the God worshipped by the religious right is . . . an "a**hole."Brittney Cooper MSNBC AM Joy 11-8-20

Note: MSNBC's Ari Melber, guest-hosting the show, blandly bought into Cooper's views, saying: "all such important points."

The MSNBC guest's warning to Joe Biden that he must "pony up" and not just "appease" white voters was sponsored in part by Allstate, Proctor & Gamble, maker of Vicks, and Shark Vacuums.

Here's the transcript.

AM Joy
10:13 am ET

BRITTNEY COOPER: Look, I think that part of the thing the Democratic party really has to think about—and this is going to be Joe Biden's reckoning—are they going to get into office and make this about appealing to centrist voters, make this about appealing to Trump voters, make this about a kind of easy unity? 

. . . 

Now you've got to actually pony up a policy agenda that's going to speak to black people's interests. And it's not going to be about centering and assuaging the 70 million voters who voted for a very different kind of world. 

And so, I'm both excited and elated about what this means, but I have my eyes laser-focused on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, because black folks are asking for real policy concessions here to make our communities better, real investments.

And we aren't asking to be unified with the kind of people that would deliver Donald Trump to another victory. We are asking for a forward-looking, future-pressing agenda. and you can't celebrate black women, you can't celebrate Kamala, and Stacey, and Representative [-elect] Nikema [Williams] and Latosha Brown [of Black Lives Matter], and all of these black women who made this thing happen, and then get into office and focus your entire attention on appeasing white voters because they fell out of the fold. That can't be the political agenda of this moment. And I think we will have hard truths and hard wrestling over these next couple of months.