CNN Enables Scaramucci Slime on Trump's Infection: 'Mother Nature Sending a Message'

October 2nd, 2020 11:31 AM

We need a new nickname for Anthony Scaramucci. Forget "The Mooch." How about "The Vulture," or perhaps, "The Ghoul?" 

Appearing on CNN's New Day this morning, Scaramucci made the sickening suggestion that President Trump's COVID illness represents divine retribution. Or as Scaramucci put it:

"This feels like Mother Nature is sending a message."

We got a "message" for you right here, Scaramucci. Your sick suggestion reflects someone still bitter over having been canned as President Trump's communication director after a historically short tenure. 


Before his "Mother Nature" line, Scaramucci urged Trump foes "to not let up on the gas . . . We have to still discuss the racism, the destruction of the democracy, the demolishing of the institutions of our government."

CNN host John Berman spurred the line by suggesting that Trump's diagnosis is in stark contrast to his attempts to paint the pandemic as almost over. "That was something Jeff Mason, a Reuters reporter, straight down the middle, has been saying, is that the White House has been trying to act like this is over, in how they treat reporters and how they talk around. This undercuts, really, that central message of the campaign."

Scaramucci and his "Mother Nature" crack belong in the bowels of Twitter along with the other ghouls rejoicing over the president's illness. CNN should be ashamed of offering airtime to this embittered soul. But, of course, CNN knows no shame when it comes to trashing President Trump, even in his hour of illness. CNN host John Berman raised no objection, saying "we appreciate your time this morning, appreciate your insight." 

Scaramucci mouthed the obligatory pieties about hoping for President Trump's recovery, etc. But that was belied by Scaramucci's smirk [see screencap]. He claimed "I don't wish it on anybody," but saying this is Mother Nature's message sounds like revelling in it.

Anthony Scaramucci saying the President Trump's COVID illness "feels like Mother Nature is sending a message" was sponsored in part by USAA. Contact USAA at the Conservatives Fight Back link, and let them know what you think about them sponsoring this kind of vile garbage. 

Here's the transcript.

New Day
7:48 am EDT

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: This is just rank irresponsibility and it’s rank incompetence. And let’s just stipulate, he’s lied about the science for six months, couldn’t protect himself or his family, so how is he going to protect the American people going forward? So, I feel bad that he’s sick. I want him to get better, certainly, it’s a tragic situation, but we have to not let up on the gas, if you want to remove him. We have to still discuss the racism, the destruction of the democracy, the demolishing of the institutions of our government, the voter suppression. All of this stuff has to be discussed now. It's wholly irresponsible, and good men and women in the United States need to speak out now and remove this president. 

. . . 
People typically vote on their emotion, they’re voting on their feelings, and this feels ominous. This feels like Mother Nature is sending a message that something is amiss in the society. And this is a very symbolic thing that goes against the president’s narrative over the last six months.