Mika Tries, Fails, to Get Axios' Swan to Agree Trump 'Confused'

July 29th, 2020 3:20 PM

The liberal media have constantly tried to prop up Joe Biden, despite his many gaffes and problems -- witness his ranking near the very bottom of his law school class, his fibbing about finishing in the top half. So it's not surprising that some journalists are trying to change the subject from Biden losing a step to Trump's mental acuity. 

On today's Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski tried to recruit Axios's Jonathan Swan to the cause -- and failed spectacularly. Discussing Swan's interview of yesterday with President Trump, Mika suggested to Swan that Trump had been "confused," and hadn't "computed" the import of his words.


Shot back Swan:

"No, I don’t think he felt confused or anything of the sort. I think he felt that he was expressing his own natural opinions. It was almost as natural as breathing."

Here's the full exchange: 

Morning Joe
6:08 am EDT

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I ask this in all seriousness, Jonathan Swan — did he, did you see that he computed that this was extremely revealing, and that he was cornered, and seemed almost confused or in some ways had nowhere to go, when usually he can quickly find some corner to run to in his words, in his answers? What was his body language like? What was it like after the interview? Did he understand how revealing, and quite frankly, bad this was for him?

JONATHAN SWAN: No, I don’t think he felt confused or anything of the sort.

MIKA: Wow.

SWAN: I think he felt that he was expressing his own natural opinions. And I didn’t get any sense that he felt particularly cornered or that he was revealing anything of great import.

MIKA: Wow.

SWAN: It was almost as natural as breathing.

Ouch! The best poor Mika [see screencap for her pained expression] could summon was a pair of her trademark "wows."

Mika Brzezinski Jonathan Swan Morning Joe 7-29-20This is far from the first time that Morning Joe has attempted to suggest that it is President Trump, rather than Biden, who has acuity issues, as here, here, and here.

How much longer will the tough-but-fair Swan stay at Axios, with its decided liberal bent? Bigger and better things in his future, no doubt. If Fox News were ever in the market for a down-the-middle host, a la Greta Van Susteren, Swan might well be their man.

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