Virus Deaths Hit Low, But Chuck Todd Asks: How Much 'Worse' Can It Get?

May 26th, 2020 7:20 PM

How deep in the partisan bag is Chuck Todd? Imagine a Democrat president presiding over the coronavirus epidemic. Now imagine daily US deaths plunging from 2,701 on May 6th, down to 504 yesterday. Todd would be breaking into live coverage to trumpet the good news.

So how did partisan hack Chuck Todd react to that news on his MSNBC this afternoon? By asking:

"How much WORSE will this get from a public health standpoint?"



Whatever journalistic credibility Todd ever had has disintegrated in his unrelenting crusade to exploit the pandemic to politically harm President Trump. 

Imagine if between now and the election, the virus situation and the economy continued to improve? Oh, the horror, Chuck!

Here's the transcript.

MTP Daily
5:01 pm EDT

CHUCK TODD:  In addition to picking fights, the president is also trying to spin all of this is as somehow a mission accomplishment. In a series of tweets that you can see in full on your screen, he said things like, if I hadn’t done my job well and early, we would have lost 1.5 million to 2 million people. You should note that those figures were based on projections if we did absolutely nothing, meaning zero, zilch, nada. I shut down entry from China very early. I acted very quickly and made the right decisions. He made most governors look very good. Stock market's up big. States should open ASAP. The transmission to greatness has started. In the midst of all of that, was this line: one person lost to this invisible virus is too much. 

So we’re left with big two big interconnective questions right now: how much worse will this get from a public health standpoint? And will the president's playbook work from a political standpoint?