Morning Joe's Meacham: On Virus, Trump Dumber Than My Springer Spaniel Dogs

April 28th, 2020 8:18 AM

Morning Joe regular Jon Meacham tends to be cast as the somewhat nerdy, pointy-headed professor, above the partisan fray. (Beats being described as the editor who flew Newsweek into the ground with Tina Brown.) Scarborough regularly teases him about the seven causes of the War of 1812, etc.

In fact, under his scholarly guise, Meacham is just as much a Trump hater as the rest of them.

On today's Morning Joe, Meacham literally described President Trump as dumber than a dog. He said:

"He's failing to do what my Springer Spaniels know we should do, which is launch a Marshall Plan for testing."



Scarborough said that he and Willie conferred with the spaniels, "and we can confirm that." Meacham found that terribly amusing [see screencap.]

Question: why would Meacham, or his oh-so-smart dogs, be suggesting a Marshall Plan on testing? Surely historian Meacham knows that under the post-WWII Marshall Plan, the United States sent massive assistance to Europe to help it rebuild. A better analogy would have been a "Manhattan Project," the crash program during WWII that led to the development of the atom bomb.

Note: this isn't the first time that Meacham has trashed Trump. Last month, Meacham accused President Trump of causing the "literal" death of constitutional order. He also suggested that if people listened to a Trump press conference, they would conclude that "the lives of your family" would not be safe "in this man’s hands."

And while Meacham continues to dump on Trump, he has overflowed with praise for Al Gore, actually calling him "a prophetic voice" on the environment. How's that 10-year Armageddon Clock doing, prophetic Al?

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:11 am EDT

JON MEACHAM: To me, it's impossible to see, it is very unlikely to see, how this story changes, of Trump being willfully obtuse, and now so narcissistically engaged in his own drama, that he's failing to do what, what my Springer Spaniels know we should do, which is launch a Marshall Plan for testing, to actually reopen the economy and regain the sense of an American ethos of being together.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: So Willie and I conferred with your Springer Spaniels and we can confirm that [Meacham guffaws]