Mika Makes Case for Obama Aide's Demand That Trump Should Resign Over the Virus

April 3rd, 2020 9:14 AM

On Thursday's Morning Joe, former Obama aide Seth Harris said that if he were advising President Trump, "I'd ask him to resign." Harris condemned Trump as "the worst failed leader our country has ever seen," who has put us in a "catastrophic" situation. Concluded Harris: "we're really going to end up being the shame of the world."

On today's show, Mika Brzezinski challenged The Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg to debunk Harris's suggestion that Trump resign. But before letting him speak, Mika unleashed a laundry list of items that she saw as supporting Harris's suggestion. Mika offered nothing that might contradict Harris's advice. She challenged Goldberg: "how is that comment [Trump should resign] not true?"



So hey: since the 25th Amendment; Russia, Russia Russia; and impeachment didn't do the trick, the MSM-Democrat complex can now try to exploit the coronavirus to drive President Trump from office!

Goldberg gave an equivocal response, saying he wasn't going to comment on whether Trump should resign, but suggesting it could be disruptive to have a change of leadership at this time.

"I'm not going to comment on whether president Trump should resign or not," he said. "This is not a surprising experience for us vis-a-vis this president. We've been through three years of crises. The difference between those crises and this crisis is those were mainly self-inflected. Those are things that Trump did to himself and did to the country."

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
8:44 am EDT

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Seth Harris, if you were advising the president, is there one thing you would tell him to do now whether it be an actual move or working on his messaging to the American people?

SETH HARRIS: I’ll be honest, Mika, I'd ask him to resign. I think he’s the worst failed leader our country has ever seen . . . This is really failed leadership that has put us in a catastrophic position. We are far behind the rest of the world. We're really going to end up being the shame of the world when this epidemic is over, and we should all be ashamed of where we are and how we ended up here.

Morning Joe
6:15 am EDT

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Well, let’s talk about facts as it pertains to leadership. Jeffrey Goldberg, I’ll throw this one at you. We had a former Obama official on the show yesterday, Seth Harris, who said the president should resign, that this is failed leadership that has put us in a catastrophic position. Pretty harsh statement. But I’ll ask that you debunk that. 

We have a government that has ordered up 100,000 body bags at this point. They won’t streamline. The president will not streamline the DPA to focus on masks and ventilators getting directly to the people who need them. He’s leaving it to the governors. So you have California that’s doing pretty well in leadership. Started early, and the numbers are going down. But then you have places like Georgia, where the governor just figured out this week that there are asymptomatic carriers. I mean, the, the, the stupidity level on the highest levels of leadership in states is showing itself during this crisis. And you have the governor of Florida just shutting down the state late last night. Just late last night! While we are considered to be, in Florida, in Miami especially, to be the next hot spot, to have overrun hospitals and deaths, staggering numbers through the roof.

So the question is, how is that comment not true? What facts has this president put out during his nightly, weekly briefings that give us some sense of hope, that there is leadership from the top that is going to lead us out of this?