Biden's Bizarre Nicolle Wallace Interview: Alternately Goofy, Choked Up

March 24th, 2020 6:23 PM

Anyone watching Joe Biden's bizarre Tuesday afternoon MSNBC interview with Nicolle Wallace really had to wonder about the guy after watching the bizarre, rambling, and gooey interview. Between Biden's tangents that would sudden start then stop and Wallace's disturbing infatuation and wide smile hanging on his every word, it was as weird as one could possibly imagine.

Biden alternated between getting choked up while discussing people who had lost loved ones to the virus, with flinging insults at President Trump --- only to instantly issue abashed, child-like apologies, calling his words "stupid," saying "sorry," and "I shouldn't have said it that way." 

At one point while apologizing, Biden made a series of deeply goofy facial expressions (see screencap) and even resorted to make a hand motion as if he were playing with a yo-yo. All the while, Wallace appeared completely enthralled, as if she were interviewing a crush.



To reiterate, Wallace couldn't stop smiling broadly and warmly. all the while giggling at Joe's bon mots.

She thanked him at the end of their interview no fewer than six times. Wallace was in total soul-meld with Biden, twice referring to Biden and herself as "just a guy his basement, talking to a gal in hers."

Here's the relevant transcript (click "expand," emphasis mine):

MSNBC's Deadline White House
4:12 p.m. Eastern

JOE BIDEN: I'll tell you what: I'm so darn proud and those poor people who have --- [CHOKES UP] lost --- anyway --- it just --- my heart goes out to them.

NICOLLE WALLACE: No, no, no: we're two people in our basements, with nothing but time. Tell me what you would do if you were president. Obviously, in November, people will have to make a choice about who leads this country. What would you do that isn't being done?


4:14 p.m. Eastern

BIDEN: Why doesn't he just act like a President? That's a stupid way to say it.

WALLACE: You know, Donald Trump was asked on Sund ---

BIDEN: I really wish he'd -- sorry.

WALLACE: Go ahead.

BIDEN: No, no. It's probably best I don't.


4:18 p.m. Eastern

BIDEN: I just, I just can't figure the guy. It's like --- I don't know: it's like watching a yo-yo. I shouldn't have said it that way. It's like watching a [hand gestures imitating yo-yo, makes goofy facial expressions.]



4:21 p.m. Eastern

BIDEN: But my heart goes out, Nicolle --- [CHOKED UP] --- to those people who lost a son or daughter, or husband and wife, a mom or dad. I mean, it's just, uh and the isolation, it's ---- it really --- God, they're incredible. God, they're incredible.

WALLACE: Yeah, they are. They are. Joe Biden: just a guy in his basement talking to a gal in hers. Thank you for spending some time with us. We're very grateful [LAUGHS]

BIDEN: Well, thank you.

WALLACE: When we get back --

BIDEN: Any time. Really, any time at all. Thank you very much, Nicolle.

WALLACE: --- thank you. 

BIDEN: I'm really pleased to --

WALLACE: An open invitation. Thank you, Mr. Vice President. Thank you. 

BIDEN: --- alright, thank you so much.

WALLACE: Thank you, sir. Thank you for spending so much time with us.