Did Nicolle Wallace Forget They Don't Have Elections in China?

March 9th, 2020 10:11 PM

Is Nicolle Wallace so blinded by her hatred of President Trump that she's forgotten--assuming she ever knew--that the leaders of China don't stand for election? It's a communist dictatorship, you know?

On her MSNBC show this afternoon, swiping at President Trump for having worn a Keep America Great cap while touring the CDC, Wallace said:

"Ben Rhodes, if a foreign leader like, I don't know, the leader of China or Italy were touring his or her nation’s version of the CDC or the W.H.O. in a cap that reflected their sport's interest, that would be weird. If they were wearing a hat with the slogan of their re-election campaign on it, I think it would be noted internationally."


Great point, Nicolle! You'll never catch Xi Jinping in a Make China Great Again cap. None of those pesky elections over there!

Wallace slammed Trump with her so-called question: "Day after day after day after day [he] contradicts the information coming out of our country's top scientists."

Obama aide Ben Rhodes replied "Nicolle, that's a great question....This president has been deliberately spreading misinformation about the coronavirus in order to try not to panic the markets....We're literally finding out in real time what it is like to not have a responsible person in the office of the American presidency in the midst of  a major crisis." 

Rhodes sounded quite bizarre when he touted how Team Obama brought out Dr. Anthony Fauci for the press briefings on Ebola in 2014, and now the Trump White House doesn't have any press briefings. Hello!? McFly? Did he miss the Trump-Pence press conference with Dr. Fauci?