Chuck Todd Taunts Trump On Coronavirus: 'Reap What You Sow'

February 27th, 2020 10:39 PM

The MSM's line o' the day is that coronavirus should not be politicized. But liberal media partisans like Chuck Todd just can't help themselves.

And so it was that on his MTP Daily show on MSNBC this afternoon, Todd taunted President Trump with what appeared to be a pre-packaged line, twice saying that when it comes to the coronavirus, the president should "reap what he sows." 



A gloating Todd claimed that since President Trump has supposedly undermined trust in government institutions, he shouldn't complain if people are skeptical regarding his pronouncements on the situation. Todd also managed to work in a gratuitous swipe at Rush Limbaugh, sneeringly referring to him as "the Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient."

Demanded a disdainful Todd: President Trump should "look in the mirror." 

Look in the mirror? You first, Chuck, when it comes to any semblance of fair-and-balanced reporting. 

Here's the transcript.

MTP Daily 
5:01 pm ET

CHUCK TODD: Yesterday he attacked press outlets he doesn't like, claiming they are trying to make him look bad by inducing panic. This is the president of the United States saying this. Yet it's the president's own loyalists in the right-wing media, like recent Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Rush Limbaugh, who are using conspiracy theories to sow doubt coming from public health officials who also happen to be appointed by this president.  

President Trump doesn’t appear to be doing anything to stop the Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient or anybody else. Politically speaking, the president may have to reap what he has sown when it comes to the public’s trust, or lack thereof, in the institutions built to keep this democracy healthy— pun intended. 

. . . 

I know this president doesn't know nuance, and I know that Republicans are going to find a way to not be overly critical of him. We are in a case where you reap what you sow. He spends a lot of time bashing institutions, and anow he is wondering why people are questioning him. He should look in the mirror.