Sunday Is Fun Day? MSNBC's Joy Reid Begs Bernie Bros Not to Blast Her Guest!

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It's a sign of the Democrats' disarray. Poor Joy Reid has been reduced to begging the Bernie Bros not to attack one of her guests for the sin of pointing out that Sanders is a socialist!

Earlier in her MSNBC show Sunday Reid said that Dems haven't hit Sanders with oppo research "because there's a blowback if you even say his name" in other than a positive way. Reid fretted that she would be getting "ethered" on twitter for mentioning Sanders. Reid also mentioned that she has blocked some of Bernie's senior team members because "I can't take it."



Later, Reid gave guest Karine Jean-Pierre credit for having pointed out that whereas the Obama-is-a-socialist attacks didn't work against him because he was [supposedly] not a socialist, what would happen "when parts of it are true" about Bernie, i.e., that there is tape of Sanders praising Castro, etc.?

Reid tried to ward off attacks by the Bernie Bros by telling them that she wasn't bringing up the oppo research on Sanders to slam him, saying that his supporters need to be prepared for what's coming. Reid then begged Sanders supporters not to go on Jean-Pierre's twitter account to attack her.

Hilariously, Jean-Pierre then went out of her way to say that it was not she, but fellow guest Tiffany Cross, who had earlier made the point that Obama whereas wasn't a socialist, Sanders actually is: "she's the one who made the point about the socialism: it was not me." 

It was almost as if Jean-Pierre was saying to the Bernie Bros: spare me, please! If you're going to attack someone, go after Tiffany Cross!

Orville Redenbacher is going to have to put on a third shift: there just isn't going to be enough popcorn!

Here's the transcript.

AM Joy
10:24 am ET

JOY REID: Democrats have really not hit Bernie Sanders with any oppo research. Because there is a blowback if you even say his name on social media. I'm just trying to be clear. You can’t even say his name right now without a smile. I’m probably being ethered on Twitter just for saying the words, Bernie Sanders. I’m being honest. There are people on his senior team that I have blocked from Twitter. Because I can’t take it.

. . . 

Karine, with Barack Obama, we made the point earlier, it didn’t work because they tried to bring he’s a Kenyan, Marxist--stuff that was just ridiculous. And they did try to use the same -- it just didn’t work with him. 

What happens when parts of it are true, right? when you have tape of him praising Fidel Castro. That’s the stuff that hasn’t come out yet. What happens and how does Russia wind up being ablt to weaponize that? Just so that we're prepared for it? And by the way, for the Sanders supporters on social media, this isn’t to slam him. You need to know this, too. If you support him, you need to know this is coming. So go ahead, Karine. And don’t go on Karine’s twitter.

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: Wait. First of all, I have to give my sister Tiffany [the credit]. She's the one that made the point about the socialism, it was not me.

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