Joy Reid Rips Bernie for 'Kicking Hillary Voters to Curb,' 'Trumpy' Attack on WashPost

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Before they dropped out, Kamala Harris and Julian Castro were big Joy Reid faves. Now with only people of pallor left to choose from, Reid seems to like Elizabeth Warren. One person who is definitely not high on Reid's list is Bernie Sanders. During MSNBC's coverage of the Nevada caucuses this morning, Saturday, Reid ripped Sanders on two fronts.

First, she claimed that by tweeting that he wouldn't let the Democratic establishment stop him, Sanders was "kicking to the curb" 65 million Hillary voters, among others.

Second, she compared Sanders to the ultimate liberal villain, President Trump. Reid claimed there was a "Trumpy" side to Sanders's criticism of the Washington Post for releasing, just one day before the Nevada caucus, the news from a briefing conducted a month ago that Russia was seeking to promote Sanders's campaign. 



If Joy doesn't dig Bernie, Sanders returns the favor regarding Reid's network. Bernie's campaign manager recently said that Fox News is actually more fair to Sanders than MSNBC!

Here's the transcript.

Nevada Caucus Coverage
10:28 am ET

JOY REID: The man who is leading in most of the polls throughout the country [Bernie Sanders] is not only not a registered Democrat, has not registered as a Democrat, has esesentially refused to register as a Democrat, and is now tweeting this morning, it’s trending, that the democratic establishment, that means you guys [DNC chair Tom Perez and the chair of the Nevada Democrat party], the Democratic establishment will not stop him from getting the nomination. He is presenting what he's doing as a hostile takeover, not a merger with the party that he caucuses with in the Senate.

. . . 

He is saying this morning, in his own Twitter feed, under his own name, that the Democratic establishment will not stand in his way. Essentially sort of kicking to the curb 65 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton, Obama Democrats, people who consider themselves lifelong Democrats. Is he not one of them? Is he one of them, or is he running against them?

. . . 

I want to play Bernie Sanders a little bit more of what he said. This is when he was asked about the timing of the story coming out about Russia also trying to help his campaign. Take a listen.

REPORTER: This came out a month ago, how do you think it came out now? You had the briefing a month ago.

BERNIE SANDERS: I’ll let you guess, about one day before the Nevada caucus. Why do you think it came out? It was the Washington Post? Good friends [sarcastically].

REID: Okay, so I give Senator Sanders an A-plus on his initial response to the way that Russia — we learned that Russia was jumping into his campaign. Because that is a little bit more on the Trumpy side. Essentially, instead of just saying this is something important to come out, I don’t care how it came out, I’m glad that I know it. He tried to pass it off as some sort of attack by the Washington Post. That's the implication of it.

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