Sour-Grapes Scarborough 'Fine' with Acquittal: 'Will Just Make Republicans Look Worse'

January 31st, 2020 9:35 AM

If Aesop were still around, he might be tempted to replace the fox with Joe Scarborough in his fable of the sour grapes. 

On today's Morning Joe, sour-grapes Scarborough claimed to be "fine" with President Trump's impending acquittal. Trying to console himself, Scarborough claimed that although Republicans will vote not to allow additional witnesses, the testimony that John Bolton would have given will nonetheless be "shouted from the mountaintops," and "will only make the Republicans look worse."



And in a bit of outrageous hyperbole, Scarborough analogized Bolton to "the person who saw the murder, who actually has been holding the bloody murder weapon."

So now Trump's akin to a murderer? Hey, whatever makes you feel better about losing, Joe. 

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:03 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I heard another argument yesterday as I was walking through the House once again having a peanut butter sandwich, jelly sandwich. And the argument was, we’ve already — we’ve already given them 17 witnesses. Like, what else do they want? Well, that’s like having a murder trial, and calling the pastry chef, and calling the dog trainer. We got the dog trainer. He didn’t really see anything. He heard a gunshot but didn’t see anything, and — ah, the certified polisher of doorknobs, they get that from, you know, the door polishing —

MIKA BRZEZINSKI Willie, you have one.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah. We all do. We all do. Got the rug cleaner, got the dog trainer, got the partridge in the pear tree. But you have the person who actually saw the murder, who actually has been holding the bloody murder weapon, who's ready to testify, who wants to testify, and the Republicans decided last night they didn’t want to hear that person testify. 

Now, listen. I’m fine with it. Because the Republicans have shamed themselves already. They’re going to vote to acquit. This information’s going come out anyway, in a far less controlled manner. Sothe truth will be known. It will be shouted from the mountaintops. It will just make the Republicans look worse, but, my God, I think there were some people who were actually hoping that —

MIKA: The truth would see the light of day?

SCARBOROUGH: A few spasms of character would break out during the trial. No luck. This trial will end as it began, with Donald Trump completely owning the Republican party, and the character of just about every Republican senator.

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