CNN's Avlon: Bolton Testimony 'Equivalent of Nixon Smoking Gun Tape'

January 29th, 2020 10:47 AM

How desperate is the liberal media to bring down President Trump? Desperate enough to resort to the most absurd analogies to make their supposed impeachment case against the president.

Take CNN "senior political analyst" John Avlon on this morning's New Day. Avlon actually offered the preposterous proposition that John Bolton's prospective testimony at the impeachment trial would be "the equivalent of Nixon's smoking gun tape."



For the benefit of Avlon (born in 1973) and others who might have forgotten their modern American history, let's review. The "smoking gun tape" revealed that shortly after the Watergate break-in, President Nixon authorized, and was actively involved in planning, its cover-up. Moreover, the break-in was indisputably a crime. 

That is a million miles away from what Bolton supposedly has to say. According to leaks to The New York Times from his forthcoming book, Bolton would say that Trump told him he wanted military aid to Ukraine withheld, pending investigations into possible corruption by the Bidens. 

Even if that were so, it would not constitute a crime. Nor have the Democrats alleged a crime in their articles of impeachment. Moreover, the military aid was released to Ukraine not long after President Trump's conversation with Ukraine President Zelensky, despite the Ukrainians never having undertaken an investigation of the Bidens. 

Thanks for playing, John, but your analogy falls as flat as a tire after running a police spike strip. 

Note: our Clay Waters yesterday caught Peter Baker of the New York Times floating the same Bolton allegations = Nixon smoking gun tape analogy. Sounds like the liberal media is singing from the same hymnal. 

Here's the transcript.

New Day
6:08 am ET

JOHN AVLON: There’s going to be enormous pressure on the, you know, two likely senators who might flip. I think most people would say that's Lamar Alexander and Cory Gardner of Colorado. It’s notable they’re using the hassle-factor argument against them. This isn't about truth. This is about, this will drag on. This might be bad for you in terms of your own business at home. Against 75% of the American people saying they want witnesses. Against the equivalent of Nixon’s smoking gun tape, which is John Bolton saying he had the direct conversation with the President, who told him that aid would be held unless the investigations were announced. 

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