On Ukraine Corruption, NBC's Przybyla Sounds Like Biden Press Secretary

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Question: in addition to her duties as an NBC correspondent, is Heidi Przybyla working overtime as a PR flack for the Biden campaign? You have to wonder after watching Przybyla's performance on today's Morning Joe. 

Przybyla didn't merely highlight the memo that the Biden campaign has put out as a pre-emptive response to charges of Ukraine corruption. She personally—and passionately—embraced the memo's findings. 




  • Ardently asserted that the memo is "a reminder to all of us that the accusations at the heart of the president’s defense here [against the Bidens don't] have any credibility to it." 
  • Claimed that "it is important to get [the Biden take] out there."
  • Joined the Biden campaign in fretting about a Republican effort "to confuse the public." 
  • Concluded by saying—in her own words, not that of the memo—"a note to the media, a reminder: these allegations are not only unsubstantiated--they're completely debunked!"

Seriously, if Biden ever did make it to the White House, who would be surprised if he named Przybyla his press secretary? Her performance this morning was a bravura audition!

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:18 am ET

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Heidi Przybyla, you have new reporting this morning on how the Biden campaign is gearing up for the impeachment trial. What can you tell us?

HEIDI PRZYBYLA: Right, Mika. In an unusual memo issued by the Biden campaign, obtained first by NBC News, we see that they are issuing a pre-emptive strike against what they say is disinformation at the heart of the president’s defense. That is, that Joe Biden did anything in Ukraine that is “corrupt.” This is coming a day before the trial, Mika and Joe, and it is a reminder to all of us that the accusations at the heart of the president’s defense here, that it was merit, that they had merit to investigate Joe Biden has any credibility to it. 

. . . 

So it’s important to get that information out there as well, Joe and Mika, because as this moves from the House, where Democrats control the process, to the Senate, the Biden campaign is concerned about an effort to confuse the public and to go after Hunter Biden.

. . . 

And I want just want to read you one quote that I think is powerful from this memo. It says — to the media, a reminder. It is not sufficient to say the allegations are unsubstantiated or that evidence, no evidence that emerged to support them. Not only is there no evidence for Republicans main argument against vice-president, against the Vice-President, there is a mountain of evidence that actively debunks it and it is malpractice to ignore that truth. So, Joe and Mika, a note to the media, a reminder: these allegations are not only unsubstantiated—they're completely debunked.

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