Joy Reid Show Kvetches: Media See Impeachment Through Republican Eyes!

December 22nd, 2019 3:05 PM

Whatever tenuous grasp on reality that Joy Reid and her regulars ever enjoyed seems, sadly, to have been lost. Some sort of mass psychosis seems to have gripped the gang. The delusions were on full display on Reid's MSNBC show this morning as Joy and her guests went full Alice in Wonderland. They actually asserted, in a discussion of the impeachment of President Trump, that:

  • The media sees impeachment "through Republican eyes."
  • The media "worships Republican hardball."
  • Members of the MSM tend to identify more with the Republican base than with Democrat voters.
  • It's wrong to report Republican vs. Democrat arguments on impeachment because it's "lies vs. truth, patriotism vs. traitors."
  • It is "dangerous" and "racist" to interview Trump supporters.
  • The media has treated impeachment negatively because the media are opposed to "change." [Obama 2008? Hope and change? Hello?]



The segment took as its theme a recent Daily Kos column by guest Eric Boehlert entitled [sic]: "Media fail: The press keeps covering impeachment through the eyes of the Republican Party."

Things went downhill from there, as you'll see in the clip. Every day, NewsBusters documents the way in which—on impeachment and every issue down the line—the media serves as willing accomplices to the Democrats and their liberal line.

What can you say about the attempt by Reid & Co. to turn reality on its head this way? They are either playing to a gullible audience eager to have its paranoid fears confirmed, or the Reid folks have truly become detached from reality.

Here's the transcript.

AM Joy 
10:54 am ET

JOY REID: As noted in a Daily Kos piece written by our next guest, many in the press are telling the story of Trump's impeachment through the eyes of the GOP.

. . . 
ERIC BOEHLERT: Every news cycle in DC starts with a single premise: what are Republicans angry about? Like, 30 years, every day. That's what it starts. And so, if they're angry about impeachment, then that's a big deal. Then they're on the offensive. Democrats are on their heals. The press worships Republican hardball. And they always seem the Dems as being outmaneuvered.

. . . 

REID: The demographics of the media, that the relatability of Republicans, that they seem more relatable, or they seem more like [air quotes] middle America, and so the media gravitates toward the Republican base.

. . . 

TIFFANY CROSS: First of all, it's dangerous to even present this through the lens of politics. Right? This is not Republicans versus Democrats. This is truth versus lies. This is patriotism versus traitors.

. . . 

BOEHLERT: This obsession with . . . interviewing people at Trump rallies, asking how they thought about impeachment. This obsession, and it goes back to the day after he was inaugurated, this obsession with interviewing white, midwestern, Trump voters, and asking them what they think about Trump. It is a dangerous, it is a racist message. Because the message is: white Republicans are who matter in this country.

. . . 

JASON JOHNSON: That's why we have this sort of attitude amongst many media people that this [impeachment] is bad, this is disruptive. Because it breaks up the order. They don't believe in change. They don't believe in challenging the status quo of government. And that is what impeachment boils down to.   

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