CNN Scolds Lockhart for Saying Democrats Might Be Seeking Impeachment Pause

December 5th, 2019 12:48 PM

The CNN troops are all revved up and ready to go for impeachment: face paint on, warrior chants in the break room. The last thing CNN would want would be to demoralize the troops with talk of a possible pause in the inexorable march toward impeachment!

And so it was that Joe Lockhart, who served as Bill Clinton's press secretary during his impeachment, got his knuckles rapped when, appearing on this morning's New Day, he suggested that the Democrats might be seeking a deal with the Trump White House for a pause in the impeachment proceedings.  The deal would offer the pause in return for the White House's agreement to provide documents, and testimony by White House aides.


Alisyn Camerota dismissed Lockhart's suggestion as mere "green room rumblings," that might have happened "in days of old, but no longer." And John Berman pointedly said that green room rumblings were "the worst kind of rumblings to report on the TV." Got that, Joe? Shaddup already!

A duly chastised Lockhart backed off, saying "it's just wild speculation." But you have to figure that Democrat Lockhart, a battle-hardened impeachment veteran, has strong sources inside the Democrat hierarchy, going all the way up to Pelosi's office. Some insider chatter you aren't supposed to share...

Here's the transcript.

New Day
6:09 am ET

JOE LOCKHART: Wild speculation: there is some rumblings they [the Democrats] may try to make a deal with the White Houseyou know, pause. And say, maybe if you come in and you'll testify, you know, White House aides, and you'll provide documents. I doubt that will happen --

ALISYN CAMEROTA: But there are rumblings about that?

LOCKHART: Well, there's rumblings because Elie [Honig, fellow panelist and CNN legal analyst] and I were talking about it in the green room. 

CAMEROTA: [laughs] They're green room rumblings! 

JOHN BERMAN: The worst kind of rumblings to report on the TV.

CAMEROTA: That seems like days of old. In days of yore, a deal would be made. But no longer!

LOCKHART: Yeah. Again, I think it's just wild speculation. 

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