MSNBC 'Republican': Play 'Dirty Pool' with NRA Board Members, 'Go After Their Businesses'

September 2nd, 2019 8:19 AM

As you'll see in the screencap, MSNBC continues to pass Susan Del Percio off as a "Republican strategist." In fact, her last strategery gig was as an adviser to Andrew Cuomo, the liberal Democrat governor of New York.

In any case, when it comes to strategy, Del Percio's specialty seems to be recommending personal attacks on Republicans and other opponents.

In July, our Gregory Price caught Del Percio recommending that constituents "attack" and "scare" their Republican congressmen for purposes of forcing them to support a piece of Democrat legislation.

Appearing on MSNBC today to discuss Saturday's West Texas shootings, Del Percio took things an ugly step further. She advised gun control advocates to play "tough, dirty pool" with individual members of the NRA board. "Go after them and their businesses," urged Del Percio; "hold them accountable in their hometowns." Yes, there's nothing like ruining someone's livelihood and making them a pariah in their hometown to make them see the light!



And in a particularly ghoulish twist, Del Percio suggested that the only way to get congressmen to come around on gun control will be when a "critical mass" has been personally affected by mass shootings. She noted that, so far, "we have seen [only] one congressman get there." Sick.

Here's the transcript.

6:18 am EDT 

SUSAN DEL PERCIO: I think at this point it’s up to the advocates on gun safety to really start playing tough, dirty pool with the NRA and start going after their board members. We have seen it in boycotts on advertising. I think it’s meant to hold every single member of that board accountable in their hometowns and go after them and their businesses and call them out because until — nothing will get changed until basically you’re one or two steps removed from someone who has been touched by an act of gun violence. And we have seen one congressman get there. But unfortunately I think until it hits a critical mass we won’t see it.