Joe Scarborough: 'In Shep [Smith] We Trust'

August 29th, 2019 8:28 AM

In God We Trust is the official motto of the United States of America.

But, at least when it comes to media, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough puts his faith in a different, personal deity. On today's Morning Joe, after playing a Fox News clip of Shepard Smith reporting on the progress, or lack thereof, of building the Wall, Joe Scarborough proclaimed: "In Shep We Trust."



SHEPARD SMITH: So far, despite the President's claims to the contrary, there is no new wall. Existing barriers have been replaced with new ones. Same span, not new place. The total of repaired barrier is about 60 miles along that 2,000 mile border. The President also said in the tweet that the wall is going up rapidly. It is not. As we just reported, there is no new wall. Only replacement for walls which were in need of repair or upgrade. Those are the facts.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: In Shep we trust, of course. Shepard Smith of Fox News, proving again that with facts like those, Donald Trump has to deal with the fact that at least some at Fox News aren’t working for him anymore. And Shep really never has . . . So there we are: Shep getting you up to date, as Shep always does get you up to date.

As The Guardian [a liberal UK paper] wrote: "liberals love Fox News's Shepard Smith." He's "the voice of reason." He does "fact-based reporting." 

They say all that with good reason! On everything from downplaying the problems associated with illegal immigration, to defending the Clintons against charges of profiteering, to suggesting President Trump bore responsibility for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Smith reliably toes the liberal line.

Last year, Time magazine preposterously suggested that Smith was the "straight news anchor" as opposed to all those opinion hosts at Fox: "his commitment to facts over feeling makes him an unusual fit for an era defined by news personalities."