This MSNBC Republican Confesses: 'I Hate to Give Ivanka Any Credit'

Here's a working definition of an "MSNBC Republican:" one who is loath to say anything good about anyone associated with President Trump.

Susan Del Percio gave a perfect illustration of the genre on today's Morning Joe. Discussing President Trump's disavowal of the "send her back" chant regarding Ilhan Omar at his recent North Carolina rally, Del Percio said:

"We hear—and I hate to give her any real credit—but we hear Ivanka Trump did say, did speak to her father, too, saying this was a bit too far."

Del Percio didn't explain her "hate" for giving Ivanka any credit. Was Del Percio worried about harming her standing with MSNBC as a reliable "Republican," one who can be counted on to bash all things Trump at every turn? 

Meanwhile, Joe Scarborough persisted in his disregard of Godwin's Law, which states that whoever first makes a Nazi analogy loses the argument. Yesterday, we noted that Scarborough called the North Carolina rally a "Nuremberg rally." 

Today, Scarborough said that the "send her back" chant was something "maybe people would have heard in the Nuremberg rallies." Scarborough thus branded thousands of good Americans as no better than Hitler sympathizers.

Note: Although MSNBC passes Del Percio off as a "Republican strategist," her recent gig was as "Special Advisor" to Andrew Cuomo, the liberal Dem Governor of New York.

Here's the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:30 am EDT

JOE SCARBOROUGH: So, Susan Del Percio, this is one of those examples, we had said it before with Paul Ryan when he endorsed Donald Trump, we said you never give this guy a free pass or else you’ll pay for it. Well, that’s all the Republicans have been doing. And a couple of days ago they all voted except for four to give him a free pass on making his racist statements about sending Congresswoman Omar back. Two days later, it blows up in their face politically. And they actually suddenly find themselves panicked for good reason because you’re hearing chants that, I don’t know, maybe people would have heard in the Nuremberg rallies about sending people back. So, there's a President trying to back up. What exactly do you think happened yesterday, and why do you think Republicans were finally, rightfully, panicked?

SUSAN DEL PERCIO: Because you’re right, Joe. There was a lot of blowback coming from elected officials and some elected officials that he respects, that the President listens to and respects. So that was a concern. We hear—and I hate to give her any real credit—but we hear Ivanka Trump did say, did speak to her father, too, saying this was a bit too far.

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