Mika Begs Mattis: Call Me to Trash Trump, U.S. Standing in World

June 18th, 2019 12:10 PM

On Morning Joe, Tuesday, Mika Brzezinski says she'd "love to hear" from former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis or other former members of the Trump administration to hear about the "dysfunction" in the Trump administration and the "erosion of our credibility on the world stage."

Brzezinski implored Mattis to contact her to trash the Trump administration and the standing of the United States in the world. The moment came after the BBC's Katty Kay said that foreign allies have become skeptical of US claims regarding Iran, and would need hard evidence before supporting any American move in the area.

Said Brzezinski: 

"I’d really love to hear from some cabinet members that worked in the Trump Administration but left because they did not feel they could be. I’d love to hear from Mattis, I'd love to hear from anybody about the dysfunction, and pointing exactly to what Katty just said, the erosion in our credibility on the world stage, which could not be more dangerous."



Note that Brzezinski only wants to hear bad news about President Trump and the United States from former cabinet members whom she presumes to be disaffected. She didn't ask people to contact her with insights, positive or negative, about the workings of the Trump administration, or the standing of the US in the world. No, Brzezinski made clear she only wants to hear about "dysfunction" in the White House, and the "erosion" of American credibility. 

Note: Her comment came after Joe Scarborough teed up Katty Kay of the BBC to trash the credibility of the US with its allies. He asked Kay whether, among the allies, there was "skepticism" regarding US claims of Iranian responsibility for attacks on ships in the Strait of Hormuz. Kay was only too happy to oblige, saying: 

"There is a credibility issue here. After two-and-a-half years of Donald Trump saying things that aren't always true, when the American administration now says we have evidence that it was Iran who did the attacks, you're starting to get the reaction from allies which is, well, show us the evidence, then. Not, we accept it. And that is an erosion of credibility."