Angry MSNBC 'Republican': Mueller Like Author Who Won't Promote His Book

In a bizarre analogy, MSNBC "Republican" Elise Jordan has compared Robert Mueller's indication that he would not testify before Congress to a book author refusing to go on a promotional tour.

Appearing on today's Morning Joe, Jordan's strange statement came in response to Jonathan Lemire, of AP and MSNBC, quoting an unnamed person "close to the President" who he said claimed that even if Mueller went before Congress and just read from his report for two hours, it would be "damaging to this President." 

Jordan responded "that's why I quite frankly think it's sanctimonious" of Mueller to say he won't testify." In other words, Jordan was angered/disappointed that Mueller won't do something that would be damaging to President Trump. 



JONATHAN LEMIRE: Even if he just read, one person close to the President put to me yesterday, even if Mueller just read from the report for a couple of hours, Americans would be captivated and it would be damaging to this President.

ELISE JORDAN: Well, that’s why I quite frankly think it’s sanctimonious of Robert Mueller to basically say I’m not going to testify or, you know, obviously he will if he is forced to do so, but it’s not really his choice to make. Why are so many government officials these days telling us when and will be accountable to the American public? Robert Mueller has served the country honorably, but the American taxpayers at the end of the day paid his salary. 

And saying, go to the report, that’s like a book author, can you imagine how publishers would respond if you say like, "oh, I’m not going to go promote my book, just read the book and you'll learn what it’s all about." It just doesn’t work that day [sic] anymore. 

And so, he's up in this information landscape of asymmetric warfare, when you've got a White House that’s lying constantly, and he’s saying, well, read the 500 pages. And it just doesn’t — what is his duty as a public servant to get facts to the public?

Earth to Jordan: He already gave his "facts" to the public. He didn't write a book to sell. He compiled a government report that liberal obsessives in the media turned into a book. Now he doesn't want to be questioned by Democrats and Republicans to look more like the political actor that he is. 

But Jordan sees herself as being part of the brigade engaged in "warfare" against Trump, and is embittered that Mueller has taken off his uniform, declining to fight any further.

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