MSNBC Republican Urges Democrats: Act Now on Impeachment!

May 22nd, 2019 11:00 AM

Willie Geist asked Susan Del Percio what she would do about impeachment "if you were a Democrat?" MSNBC still passes Del Percio off as a "Republican" strategist. But it appears that the most recent person she strategized for was Andrew Cuomo, the liberal Democrat governor of New York.

On today's Morning Joe, Del Percio urged Democrats to impeach President Trump, saying "they should be acting now." She thus puts herself to the activist left of Nancy Pelosi.  Del Percio also touted having recently called on Senate Republicans to reject President Trump's call for emergency border security. 

Del Percio is a classic "MSNBC Republican": the kind who can be counted on to criticize Trump. She joins luminaries like bitter Trump foe Elise Jordan, and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, in the pantheon of MSNBC's Trump-trashing Republicans.



WILLIE GEIST: So Susan, you go back to Don McGahn, the sound we just set up there with Mika, we had the chairman Jerry Nadler saying Don McGahn will testify before this committee, one way or another. The White House is daring Democrats to commence impeachment, an inquiry into it. They’re saying, we’re not going to answer subpoenas. We’re going to instruct people not to testify. We’re going to invoke executive privilege. We’ll put up that stonewall. What are you going to do about it? If you were a Democrat in a leadership position—Nancy Pelosi's been very careful about the question of impeachment, saying slow down, let's follow the facts. But some Democrats are getting restless in that caucus now.

SUSAN DEL PERCIO: They are getting restless: and they should be! It’s been over a month since the Mueller report became public. And at this point, I think it falls upon the Democrats to do something about it. If they feel that there are reasons to impeach the President, if there’s things, especially in the second part of that report that are impeachable offenses, go do it.

And I say this as a Republican who called on other Republicans in the Senate to do the right thing and vote against the President and not authorize the emergency action for the border security about a month ago. They have to go do their job, and they are frustrated. Just as we heard it could take months or years. They should be acting now.

It would make for more informative—and entertaining—TV if Morning Joe and other MSNBC shows regularly had ardent, articulate defenders of the President on their air. What is MSNBC afraid of? Answer: intolerant liberals who don't want to sit through a pro-Trump point of view.