Scarborough Begs Billionaire Tom Steyer: Get Bill Barr Disbarred!

May 21st, 2019 8:04 AM

More evidence that Joe Scarborough has descended deep into the liberal fever swamp. Now he's calling on a leftist billionaire with a fixation on impeaching President Trump to shell out for a phalanx of lawyers to get Attorney General Bill Barr disbarred.

Tom Steyer is the left-wing billionaire in question. He has poured tens of millions of dollars into TV ads demanding that President Trump be impeached. On today's Morning Joe, Scarborough called on Steyer to direct his efforts toward having Attorney General Bill Barr disbarred.

So Scarborough associates himself not only with Steyer, but—having also called for President Trump's impeachment—with the Maxine Waters wing of Congress. Joe thus lands to the left even of Nancy Pelosi, who has been trying to keep her fractious Dems focused on winning elections rather than going down impeachment rabbit holes. 

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Mika, a lot of people might start talking about impeachment. That’s a very long process. I think at the very least, you see all these ads by Tom Steyer talking about impeach President Trump. I tell you, I tell you something that could be done more quickly and more effectively, is looking back at what happened with Bill Clinton. Yes, Bill Clinton got impeached, but you know what else he got? He got disbarred by the United States Supreme Court and the Arkansas Supreme Court for what? For committing perjury. 

Well, you have the Attorney General of the United States of America who has committed perjury. It’s on tape. It would seem to make a lot of sense for Tom Steyer or other people who want to move this process forward and get honesty back in the White House to actually get some lawyers and actually start moving to get the Attorney General of the United States disbarred.  

The truth is out there, the evidence is out there, and as a certain New York City broadcasting legend [Warner Wolf] said, let's go to tape! That's what they should do. He is unworthy to be Attorney General of the United States. And he is unworthy even to be an officer of the court, because he is lying every day. 

By all means, Joe, sidle up to Steyer. You could probably come up with some entertaining TV ads calling for the disbarment of Barr. It would be just one more way for liberals to demonstrate that—frustrated by Mueller's no-collusion conclusion—they're more interested in vengeance than in advancing the interests of our country.