MSNBC's Deutsch: Trump NZ Statement Might be Weak Because Muslims are the Target

March 15th, 2019 6:52 AM

As soon as you heard the awful news from New Zealand, you knew the liberal media would try to tie it to President Trump.  Our Nicholas Fondacaro has provided an example of the genre which occurred on CNN just minutes after news of the attack broke. Over on MSNBC, today's Morning Joe predictably followed that same MSM script.

First, Princeton prof Eddie Glaude Jr. said that the mass shooting "reveals an epidemic of hatred and fear that's engulfing the world [and is] a sign of how dark our times are." No explicit reference to President Trump, but the message was unmistakable. Then Donny Deutsch stepped up to make the connection clear. President Trump hasn't issued his statement on the shooting yet, but Deutsch fretted it might not be sufficiently strong because the victims are Muslims.




"I'm going to be curious to see President Trump's reaction. Obviously he'll condemn it. But his reactions when it's a hate crime against Muslims or some of the groups he has exploited with his dog whistles. I certainly hope it's a full-hearted, angry condemnation, and not in any way a pulled-back condemnation because Muslims were a target."

So Deutsch can't even wait until Trump speaks before preemptively condemning his remarks. This is latter-stage TDS.