Will Media Fact Check Geography-Challenged Bernie?

Will liberal outlets like Politifact fact check the geography-challenged Bernie Sanders? Socialists like Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aren't big on math. It just gets in the way of setting utopian, unachievable goals.

Take Sanders today. At the very beginning of his formal announcement video, Sanders set this goal: "an unprecedented, grassroots campaign of one million active volunteers in every state in our country."

Um, just a little problem there, Bernie. The population of your own state of Vermont is only 627,000. How can you possibly not know that? And there are five other states with populations under one million. So, yeah, it would be "unprecedented" indeed if in six states Bernie could round up more volunteers than the total of every man, woman, child, and Republican living there!


Morning Joe played the clip of Sanders' announcement, but not one panel member called him out on his glaring gaffe. Liberal law of omerta, perhaps? Imagine the field day the liberal media would have if President Trump or some other Republican had fumbled his numbers this badly.

Will anyone in the MSM note Bernie's bumble? Don't bet on it!

Note: making Bernie's blunder worse: this wasn't some off-the-cuff remark along the campaign trail. It was made in his scripted, official, campaign announcement. What does this say about the competence of Sanders and his staff?

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