Ripping Trump on Shutdown, MSNBC 'Republican' Elise Jordan Unaware Trump Donates Prez Pay

December 28th, 2018 10:37 PM

UPDATE 12/29/18 1:25 pm ET

Jordan's flub of the facts about Trump's paychecks wasn't her only glaring misstatement. You'll note that she also accused Trump of "hyping imaginary border threats" by speaking of another caravan forming in Honduras. But as the LA Times, hardly a Trump-friendly outlet, reports today, there is indeed a new migrant caravan forming in Honduras, even larger than the previous one.


If the liberal media's going to hate on President Trump, at least let them get their facts straight . . . 

When it comes to visceral detestation of Donald Trump, nothing tops MSNBC "Republicans." They exceed even long-time lefties in their emotional antagonism toward the prez. People like Nicolle Wallace come to mind. Subbing for Wallace on her MSNBC show this afternoon, Elise Jordan, a former aide to Pres. George W. Bush, provided another example of the genre.

Ripping President Trump over the shutdown, an overwrought Jordan declared that Trump "won't skip paychecks" as a result of the shutdown. 

Technically that's true, since by law the President is deemed an essential employee. But Jordan is apparently unaware that Trump has never cashed a presidential paycheck, donating each one instead to different government departments to fund good works.

You'd think that any reasonably well-informed person in politics would have known that. Had Jordan been in doubt, a quick Googling would have uncovered this article from sister network CNBC, reporting that:

"Since taking office, Trump has donated his quarterly salaries to various government departments such as Veterans Affairs, Transportation, Health and Human Services, National Park Service and the Education Department."

Readers are encouraged to view the video to get a sense of Jordan's supercharged vitriol. 

Note: during the 2016 campaign, Trump pledged not to accept a paycheck if elected. When he learned that as a matter of law, the President cannot refuse a paycheck, he accomplished the same goal by donating his paychecks back to the government.

ELISE JORDAN: It's irrelevant if Democrats or Trump are, quote, winning the government shutdown. Because the reality is the American people are the losers when elected leaders can't fulfill one of the most basic elements of their jobs. Funding the government. This morning, Trump tried to keep the focus on the border, threatening in three separate tweets to completely shut it down. As if that didn't whip up adequate frenzy, Trump resurrected yet another old favorite, quote, word is that a new caravan is forming in Honduras. Though Trump and congressman and women hyping imaginary border threats won't skip paychecks and worry about losing their heat, it would do them some good to face the immediate reality of their own ineptitude.