MSNBC: Comparing Trump to Mob Bosses Unfair . . . to Mob Bosses

December 4th, 2018 8:21 AM

Google "Trump mob boss" and you'll get about eight million hits. But that trope doesn't sufficiently insult Trump for MSNBC's taste. No, in the view of the liberal network, comparing Trump to mob bosses is unfair . . . to mob bosses.

MSNBC legal analyst Daniel Goldman first floated the notion in a tweet, which Willie Geist then approvingly quoted on today's Morning Joe [emphasis added]:

Joe made the mob-boss comparison. Dan Goldman, who worked for the Southern District of New York as a US attorney, said this about that comparison: "having prosecuted mob bosses, it's unfair to compare them to Trump. Mob bosses are far smarter and way more savvy and discreet than Trump." They don't tamper out in the open, is what he's saying.


Geist went on to make a further invidious distinction between mob bosses and the President.

The other layer to add to this, Elise [Jordan, a Trump-despising Bushy] is that the President has the power to pardon these people. The mob bosses can't pardon the witnesses they tamper with. He has--that context is important. He's sending a signal to all these people, hold the line, stay the course and there may be something at the end of the rainbow.

So a major network says the President of the United States is worse than a mob boss. What happened to that renewed era of civility that the passing of George H.W. Bush was supposed to bring about?