Mika Calls Trump 'Base, Animalistic and Disgusting' over 'Horseface' Remark

October 17th, 2018 9:35 AM

Veteran Morning Joe viewers were surely anticipating an emotional reaction from Mika Brzezinski this morning in response to President Trump having called Stormy Daniels "horseface." After all, Trump had once tweeted that Mika was "bleeding badly from a face-lift" when he met her at Mar-a-Lago. Mika and her fiancé Joe Scarborough have not forgotten, relishing every opportunity to take it to the President.

And Mika delivered as expected this morning, calling President Trump "base, animalistic and disgusting" for his "horseface" remark. Brzezinski took things a significant step further, wondering "what could the Russians have on him?"



MIKA BRZEZINSKI: During an interview with the Associated Press yesterday, Trump did not back down from calling Daniels "horseface." When asked whether it was appropriate to insult a woman's appearance, he said, "you could take it any way you want." 

Jonathan Lemire [one of the AP reporters who conducted the interview with President Trump], we've got this situation with the Saudis, and some other things that are fairly pressing, as it pertains to the United States of America. And yet this president is calling a porn star on Twitter a "horseface."

I guess one would have to ask why he would pay $130,000 to someone he call that's to, why he would have sex with someone he calls "horseface" while he was married to his wife. That's sort of sad and disturbed. And you just wonder: what could the Russians have on him if he is this base, and animalistic and disgusting.

How this can be transformed into a Russian conspiracy is anyone's guess. At least Mika reported that Daniels mocked his allegedly "tiny" sex organ, even if that wasn't criticized. But Lemire was eager to please Mika: "As you said, this is hardly the first time he has negatively attacked a woman by going after her appearance. And he was eager to talk about this yesterday." The AP tried to shame him: 

LEMIRE: In our interview with him, we pressed him on that, like, "Sir, do you feel like it's appropriate? As the president of the United States, yoiu know, even if this woman has come after you, you're involved with litigation with her, she has criticized you, but you're the president. Should you be talking about her this way?" And he didn't back down at all. As you said, his quote to us was "you can take it any way you want," and defiantly sort of called her a liar, suggested that she and her attorney Michael Avenatti have said about him, things that were not true and he was not going to apologize. He was not going to back down. In fact, suggested that more attacks could continue.