CNN Morning Crew Cries 'Sham Investigation', 'Bad for FBI'

October 4th, 2018 10:07 AM

CNN's New Day crew is doing its best to undermine the FBI's latest investigation of Brett Kavanaugh, thus giving cover to wobbly senators considering a 'no' vote.

On CNN this morning, host John Berman suggested that it was a "sham investigation." A bit later, Alisyn Camerota shed crocodile tears, fretting that the supposedly inadequate investigation could be "bad for the FBI."

JOHN BERMAN: We were told that the truthfulness of Kavanaugh's testimony was not something the FBI could look into, nor his drinking habits. So, as The Washington Post asks, is this a sham investigation?

. . . 

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Josh, is this bad for the FBI?

JOSH CAMPBELL: I talked to a former colleague last night who told me, she said, "Look, we know what's coming our way." This is yet another example of the FBI that's been thrust into the middle of politics, essentially. And we see what happens when law enforcement and politics collide. 

Most telling about CNN's bias was Berman's claim that "The Washington Post" has raised the possibility that this was a "sham investigation." I Googled "Washington Post sham investigation," and came up with three items.

  • An article that includes a tweet from Susan Hennessey, a former Obama appointee, speaking of a "sham investigation." This same appointee has offered advice to colleagues who view President Trump as a "dangerous threat."
  • An article reporting that Democrats "countered that the FBI’s investigation seemed to be a sham."
  • Finally, and most hilariously, an opinion column by that consummate Trump hater, Jennifer Rubin, who wrote that "Flake and the rest of us will have every reason to think the investigation was a sham."

In other words, "The Washington Post" itself never suggested the investigation was a sham. But that didn't stop Berman from falsely claiming it did. All's fair in the liberal media to bring down the FBI investigation -- and Kavanaugh. 

Note: Camerota's made her suggestion that the investigation was "bad for the FBI" to former FBI agent turned CNN analyst Josh Campbell, someone who has called Trump supporters "wingnuts" who might not be playing with a "full deck." Campbell quoted a former FBI colleague lamenting that it was a situation in which "the FBI has been thrust into politics."