Politico Reporter on 'Hardball': Ford 'Not Yet At All Ready' for Senate Questioning

September 21st, 2018 8:37 PM

Ruh-roh: sounds like the Dems have a hesitant, ill-prepared accuser on their hands in the person of Christine Ford.

On this evening's Hardball, Politico reporter Annie Karni said: 

"She is not used to the public spotlight. She is not used to Washington politics. She is from what I understand not yet at all ready for this kind of grilling that she's going to be walking into. Which is part of the delay, which is part of the back and forth whether she wants to do it or not."


So Ford is not just not ready. She's not yet "at all" ready. In contrast, it's fair to assume that Brett Kavanaugh will be composed, consistent and confident in his statement, and ready to take on the worst that the Judiciary committee Dems can throw at him. He already breezed through the first set of hearings, with his antagonists not laying a glove on him.

So, will the Dems push Ford to appear, and hope for the best? Or will they, fearing a debacle, call off her testimony and resort to accusing the Republicans of intransigence in refusing to agree to her absurd demands? Nothing more absurd than her demand that Kavanaugh speak first, denying him the right to contest Ford's allegations.