Donny Deutsch on Kavanaugh Confirmation: Republicans a Party of 'Ignorant White Men'

September 21st, 2018 7:39 AM

Imagine what would ensue if someone on TV suggested that the Democrats were a party of "ignorant" women, or non-white people. Such a person would be forcibly defenestrated for racism/sexism before you could say "Roseanne Barr." 

But when it comes to white men, all's fair and unobjectionable. And so it was on today's Morning Joe that Donny Deutsch, discussing the Republicans' handling of the Kavanaugh confirmation, said:

"You're seeing on display a metaphor of, like, what this party is, and just basically, just ignorant white men."



Deutsch slurred of millions of decent, intelligent, Americans in the context of arguing that "the only move for the Republicans" is to dump Kavanaugh and "move on" because he is a "stain." 

Deutsch had addressed his comment to Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post. Did the Pulitzer Prize-winning Robinson flinch at Deutsch's crude insult? Of course not. Rather than objecting to "ignorant white men," Robinson nodded in agreement and uttered an affirming "uh-hmm."