Howard Dean Group Fundraising Off CA Shootings—GOP 'Standing With Terrorists'

December 2nd, 2015 8:15 PM

Money-grubbing ghouls. How better could you describe Howard Dean's group, Democracy for America? They can't even wait for the blood to dry before exploiting the slaughter in San Bernardino for dollars. 

This NewsBuster just received an email from DFA admitting "the tragic situation in San Bernardino is still going on." And yet, because Republicans respect the Second Amendment, DFA accuses "Paul Ryan and the entire Republican party" of "aiding and abetting terrorists," "standing with terrorists," and being people who "enable terrorists." Of course it's all about that button at the bottom of the email: DONATE.

Remember "dissent is patriotic"? That only applied pre-Obama. It's now inoperative. Unless you agree with the Second Amendment-ignoring liberals, you're nothing but a terrorist-enabler.