Joan Walsh: I Don't Know Any Liberals Outraged by Illegal Immigration

August 30th, 2015 9:34 AM

Looks like Up With Steve Kornacki is becoming the go-to place for liberals to let their radical cats out of the bag . . . Yesterday, as we reported here, Josh Barro of the New York Times said that the only way to impact violent crime is to undertake a "massive" gun grab. Today, it was the turn of Salon's Joan Walsh to admit that she doesn't know "any liberals upset--outraged" by illegal immigration.

As we said of Barro, kudos to Walsh for her candor.  And really, why would liberals be upset by millions of illegal, low-skilled, immigrants flooding into the country?  It's not as if America has a culture worth preserving, after all.  And as we know, another term for illegal immigrants is "future Democratic voters."

Walsh was reacting to the assertion of Heritage's Stephen Moore that there is rage over government's inaction on illegal immigration among conservatives, independents and "even liberals." 

STEPHEN MOORE: I think what Donald Trump has really tapped into -- and by the ay, I'm about as pro-immigration person as can you find. I think immigrants are incredibly important for the American economy and for our society. But there is a rage out there among conservatives, independents and even liberals that this illegal immigration problem has not been solved and that the politicians are doing nothing, nothing about it. Now, I think those kind of ideas that -- the American people can't understand. We said this 20 years, do something about illegal immigration! And nothing is getting done, and that's not a --  

JOAN WALSH: First of all, I don't know any liberals who are upset--who are enraged about it.  Second of all --

MOORE: They're not enraged about the people being here illegally? 

WALSH: [ignoring Moore's question] The bipartisan bill that was passed  . . .