Luke Russert Laughs at Trump Supporters

August 24th, 2015 1:28 PM

He who laughs last, Luke . . . At first I wasn't sure: it certainly sounded like Luke Russert, off camera, was laughing as a reporter said that some Donald Trump supporters told her they hope he hires smart people to carry out his plans. Listen and judge for yourself 35 seconds into the video clip.

Was I imagining things?  Could he have been coughing? But no, when Russert came back on screen, his disdain for those Trump supporters couldn't have been clearer. A smirk [see the screencap] still on his face, Russert said: "that's a fascinating anecdote, Chris. I don't think we've heard that. I hope they hire smart people, of a presidential candidate."

This kind of disdain from the MSM is the kind of thing that could push people who are on the fence about Trump into his camp.  To many, it might be worth it just to see Russert's condescending smile wiped away.

CHRIS JANSING: Luke, let me tell you I talked to a group of people this morning who were interested in Jeb Bush coming here [to the Texas border with Mexico] but they essentially quoted what Donald Trump says repeatedly. They said the thing about Bush for them is that he's basically a very low energy person and when I asked them about Trump and the specifics, they all three of them agreed that he doesn't have the specifics but they said he doesn't owe anyone anything, he's not beholden to them. He's got ideas. And as one of them put it and the others agreed, we just hope he hires really smart people [Russert heard laughing] to carry out the general concepts that he has brought to the table. So that's where at least that little group of the electorate here in southern Texas is right now, Luke. 

LUKE RUSSERT: That's a fascinating anecdote, Chris. I don't think we've heard that: I hope they hire smart people, of a presidential candidate.