Bloomberg's John Heilemann Calls Jeb the 'Low-T' Candidate

August 24th, 2015 5:32 PM

Old enough to remember when the liberal media tried to pin the "wimp" label on George H.W. Bush, the guy who lied about his age to get into WWII and was still jumping out of planes decades later?

John Heilemann of Bloomberg TV has taken things a vulgar step further with another member of the Bush family. On his With All Due Respect show today, Heilemann called Jeb Bush the "low-T" candidate.  A laughing Josh Green, subbing for Mark Halperin, suggested that "there are pills for that but Jeb is not taking them."

Can you imagine this pair pulling something similar on a Dem candidate--God forbid a female one?

JOSH GREEN: The Trump attack on Jeb, that he's a low-energy guy, I think is fundamentally accurate. 

JOHN HEILEMANN: He's the low-T candidate. He's the low-T candidate!

GREEN: The low-T candidate. There are pills for that but Jeb's not taking them, so. On that note --

HEILEMANN: All right, move along.