Biden Mole at Work? Official Hillary Store Offers 'Chillary Clinton' Beer Koozie

What's next: a "Hillary cloth--perfect for wiping servers?" Seriously, has fatalistic, gallows humor set in at Hillary's campaign? Or has her staff perhaps been infiltrated by moles from competing campaigns to sabotage her? Hillary's official campaign store sent out an email this morning featuring beer koozies. The first reads "More Like Chillary Clinton.  AMIRITE?" The second shows the Hillary 'H' logo all frosted over. Think of it: her scandals aside, Hillary suffers from a public image of a chilly, frosty personality. But rather than trying to warm Hillary up, her campaign reinforces the negative image with frosty, Chillary koozies?  Really?

Perhaps even more telling and ominous: the email's subject line is "Before They're Gone." Double-entendre, anyone? Come to think of it, those items could be a good investment. Imagine how much more that "Chillary" koozie will bring on eBay if Hillary says sayonara before the first primary.  


Have a look. And here's a link to the campaign store site, where in addition to the koozies you can buy anything from a BBQ apron to a Hillary Pride tank-top.

PS: NB readers are invited to help Hillary with suggestions for other items her store might put up for sale. How about a toaster emblazoned "Hillary's toast!"

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