Former Colin Powell Aide Wilkerson: 'Won't Say What I'd Like to Do' to Schumer for Supporting Israel

April 14th, 2015 8:38 PM

You're a TV show host, and your guest has just suggested he'd like to "do" something to a sitting US senator such that he doesn't even want to describe it on air. Think you might challenge him about it?

Not if you're Ed Schultz.  On this evening's Ed Show, renegade "Republican" Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell and a big supporter of President Obama's Iran deal, was complaining about Democrats who have questioned the deal.  According to Wilkerson, the problem is people who are too "enamored about the State of Israel." Singling out Chuck Schumer, Wilkerson said "you've got guys like Chuck Schumer, whom I'd like to -- I won't say what I'd like to do to Chuck."

Wilkerson might just be a loon, but that sure sounds like some kind of threat. So, did Schultz confront him about it? Of course not: he didn't make a peep in reply.

ED SCHULTZ: Do you think that the president is having a hard time getting Democrats to stand with him on this? That's the appearance anyway. 

LAWRENCE WILKERSON: Yeah, for a number of reasons, and the number one reason is spelled Israel. You got guys like Chuck Schumer, whom I'd like to -- you know, I won't say what I'd like to do to Chuck. But you've got people who are so enamored of the State of Israel, so in some cases genuinely concerned about their security, that they're not going to fall off this in any way, fashion or form if it looks the least bit like there might be a problem.