Morning Joe Goes All-In MH370: Better Than Broadcasting Obama's Bungles

You're MSNBC.  That hurts I know, but work with me.  So, what would you like to feature: President Obama getting Putinized?  Syria flouting the WMD agreement?  Iran's inexorable march toward nukes?  The ongoing Obamacare debacle?

Not so much.  Say: why not make like CNN and go all in on MH-370? Which is precisely what Morning Joe did today.  The first 103 minutes were devoted exclusively to the story of the missing plane, as an endless series of experts and panelists speculated to no particular avail. Rare that we agree with Madeline Albright. But long into the second hour, during—finally—a Ukraine segment, Albright said "I know we're all focused on the airplane," but suggesting that Ukraine is by far the more critical issue.  Mika Brzezinski reacted defensively.  View the video after the jump.

As soon as the Ukraine segment was over, it was back to MH370.

As a small-plane pilot, I'm normally fascinated by aviation stories in the news.  But at this point, the endless jabber and surmise have turned me off to MH-370.  Have NB readers reached the saturation point too, at least until there's some hard news?

MADELINE ALBRIGHT: We worked in the '90s to try to get Russia to be a part of the system. We did everything we possibly could. And I think that they now are in a process of isolating themselves. It is dangerous. This is a game changer. And I think -- I know we're all focused on the airplane. But the bottom line is, this has really, truly long-term implications and we all need to focus on how to deal with Ukraine, how to deal with US-European relations, try to get our economic treaties -- trade treaties done. And then focus on our relations with Russia. Turning point, I'm very glad thATe "Time" has it on the cover, and I'm very glad to have been a part of this discussion.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I appreciate it. I totally agree with you. I'm dealing with competing news interests here. But certainly, Ukraine is our focus here on Morning Joe and has been since the story broke.


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