Strange: Mika Spins Steamy Story of Having Been Held 'Hostage' in South of France

As an embarrassed Joe Scarborough said, Mika Brzezinski didn't have her "filter on" this morning. On today's Morning Joe, Brzezinski broke out a lurid tale of how as a young woman she had been held "hostage" by the son of the President of Lebanon, who apparently had hijinks on his mind.

Scarborough had just teased Mika with a variation on his running joke of how she vacations in the south of France. Joe jibed that in retaliation for France's sale of warships to Russia, Ukraine notwithstanding,  Mika would be imposing personal sanctions on France by cutting back her weekend trips there from 26 to 23 yearly.  In response, Brzezinski described how 25 years ago, the son of the President of Lebanon held her "hostage" in the south of France, took her to porn flicks, and bought her bikinis "with only one piece." View the video after the jump.

For good measure, Mika told Scarborough: "you should take me to the south of France, perhaps take me shopping." Odd suggestion for a married woman to make to a recently-divorced man?  A mortified Scarborough laughed in embarrassment over Mika's tale, hiding his head in his hands.

Mika often jokes about her meds. Was she off them this morning?

JOE SCARBOROUGH:  But I can tell you this, there are some people who are not going to put up with this. Mika has said, Willie, you'll be glad to know, she is cutting back from spending 26 weekends in the south of France to 23. That is a personal sanction. She thinks those three weekends --

MARK HALPERIN: -- go to Monaco.

SCARBOROUGH: -- in the south of France. Well, duh, shhh, OK--of course she's going to Monaco.

BRZEZINSKI: For all the times you have made that tired, haggard [sic, "hackneyed"?] joke, you should take me to the south of France, perhaps take me shopping.


BRZEZINSKI: Yeah. That's already happened by the way by the son of the president of Lebanon 25 years ago. I was held hostage.

SCARBOROUGH: OK, OK: you're held hostage one time in the south of France and we've got to hear about it forever.

BRZEZINSKI: Oh no! Held hostage, taken to porn flicks and then bought bikinis with only one piece.

SCARBOROUGH: You really don't have to --

BRZEZINSKI: Really? Thank you so much for my summer in France, mom and dad.

SCARBOROUGH: You don't have your filter on this morning.


SCARBOROUGH: TJ, TJ, let's go to break.

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