Morning Joe Mocks Christie With 'Govfather' Logo

Although to date there has been no evidence directly tying him to either matter, Chris Christie has been accused of playing politics with the GW bridge closure and the granting of hurricane-relief funds to Hoboken.  So naturally it's fair game to analogize Christie to the head of cinema's most infamous, murderous crime syndicate.

Fair game, if you're MSNBC that is.  Today's Morning Joe segment on Christie treated viewers to a 'Govfather' logo, based on the famous puppet-master logo from "The Godfather."  View the video and images of the original and MSNBC logos after the jump.

Consider the MSM reaction if in the light, say, of the IRS scandal, Fox News had launched such a logo about President Obama.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The New York Times article paints a portrait of a guy who's intimately engaged in all details of running his operation. You remember at his press conference, he said right after this came out that he wasn't obsessed with details and that he did trust others. However, the story certainly paints a picture of a man who's extraordinarily close, especially to the guy who ran his


Note: compare and contrast MSNBC's treatment of President Obama, who as NewsBuster Matthew Balan has noted, recently portrayed the prez as Superman, George Washington and Uncle Sam.

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