LOL: Forget Obamacare, Tina Brown Says Obama's Legacy Will Be His 'Smart' Handling of Iran and Syria

November 26th, 2013 9:52 AM

How shambolic of a smoking ruin is the Obama presidency?  When Tina Brown surveys the wreckage, the best—the best!—thing she sees, the thing she believes will be Barack Obama's shining legacy, is his handling of Iran and Syria, which she declares to be "smart," and of course, "nuanced."

The Obamacare catastrophe? Not to worry.  On today's Morning Joe, Brown assured us that those problems are "transient." No, look over here, at President Obama's masterful handling of foreign policy! Yes, years from now, when the minor hiccups of the Obamacare rollout will be long forgotten, people will still be marvelling at how well Barack Obama dealt with Iran and Syria.  View the video here.

Does Brown have any idea of how her attempt to praise the president reveals instead that the Obama accomplishment cupboard is pitifully bare?


JOE SCARBOROUGH: Tina, though, minus 24 on honest and trustworthy.

TINA BROWN: That's pretty brutal.

SCARBOROUGH: That is brutal. So how does the president push immigration reform or other issues moving forward?

BROWN: It's certainly diminished his political capital It is ironic though on the diplomatic front we're seeing this great momentum and it may  well be that legacy-wise that is going to be the thing that he's remembered for and that this awful, botched, you know, abortive healthcare rollout is going to be something that is transient. What we're seeing with the Iran diplomacy and now seeing with talks with Syria and so on, we are maybe going to be seeing a president who found a way to manage the absolutely, you know, reforming map of the world in a way that, you know, was actually quite nuanced and quite smart.