Sharpton's Strange Theory: Blames Beck-Bachmann For Egyptians Pelting Hillary's Motorcade

March 27th, 2013 9:52 PM

According to contemporary reports, as here and here, Egyptian protesters who pelted the motorcade of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with tomatoes during her visit to Egypt last July were chanting "Monica! Monica!"  

So who did Al Sharpton, on his MSNBC show this evening, blame for the tomato pelting? Why, Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann, of course!  According to the Reverend Al, it was the raising by Beck and Bachmann of the possible connection of Hillary's top aide, Huma Abedin, to the Muslim Brotherhood that outraged the Egyptian horde. Sharpton says "there is absolutely nothing" to back the claims of Abedin family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. That is simply false, as this National Review item documents. View the video after the jump.

Sharpton accuses Beck and Bachmann of propagating wild theories--but looks like the Reverend Al is the real culprit. 

AL SHARPTON: Who can forget this bogus theory? They claimed Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's former top aide, was connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Cut to clip from Glenn Beck show.

GLENN BECK: You say Anthony Weiner's wife is--has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, this is important because she works for Hillary Clinton.

MICHELE BACHMANN: Well, she is the chief aide for the-- to the Secretary of State. All we did is ask, did the federal government look into her family associations?

SHARPTON: Oh, no big deal. You know, all we did was ask if her family had terrorist connections. There is absolutely nothing to back these claims but this rumor gained so much traction it was picked up in the Middle East and pelted with tomatoes when visiting Egypt because of it. Right-wing fearmongering has real dangerous consequences. Did Beck think we'd let him get away with this latest ridiculous claim?  Nice try: but we got you.