Sharpton & Barnicle Agree: Anti-Semitism Explains Opposition To Bloomberg On Gun Control

On Morning Joe today, the Reverend Al Sharpton agreed with Mike Barnicle  that anti-Semitism explains the opposition to Mike Bloomberg in his gun control campaign. H/t NB reader cobokat.

If ever there were an expert on anti-Semitism in America, it could be Al Sharpton, he of Freddie's Fashion Mart and Crown Heights riot infamy. The spectacle of Sharpton lamenting the supposed anti-Semitism of others was ironic, if not repulsive.  Note that Dan Senor, who might also know something about anti-Semitism, being Jewish and having attended university in Israel, rejected the notion.  View the video after the jump.

Watch Sharpton's sorry spectacle.


MIKE BARNICLE: Let's get down to it: Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City.  I mean, there's a level of anti-Semitism in this thing, directed toward Bloomberg --

AL SHARPTON: No doubt about it.

BARNICLE: I mean, it's out there.

DAN SENOR: I don't think it's anti-Semitism.  I think it's the perception of big-city urban elites, wealthy elites, telling the rest of the little people how to live their lives.

SHARPTON: But if he were not a big-city Jewish man, in some parts I think it would be different. 

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