'Good Morning America' Giddy Over Possibility Hillary Might Run

If Good Morning America's giddiness over the prospect that Hillary Clinton might run for president is any indication of how the MSM will treat the story, it's gonna be a long-g-g-g four years.

The excited GMA crew was looking for any harbinger--from falling meteorites to the number of baskets scored by an ABC reporter in a charity game--that Hillary might throw her pantsuit into the ring. A correspondent even joked--at least we hope she was joking--that GMA might have to run a segment every week with the latest is-Hillary-running news. View the video after the jump.

View the video, listen to the sheer giddiness in the voices of the GMAers as they discuss Clinton's presidential prospects, and brace yourself for four years of slobbering MSM coverage of Hillary's possible run.

DAN HARRIS: On another note, we're hearing these reports overnight that a supposed insider is saying that he knows for sure that it's a done deal that Hillary Clinton is going to run for president. Any truth to this at all?

REENA NINAN: We are looking for any sort of tea leaves. Meteorites hitting Russia, anything that might suggest that Hillary Clinton is running. [Ed. you really have to listen and hear the breathless excitement in Ninan's voice]. I think we're going to have a date every Saturday to talk about this, Dan. You know, what's interesting, a source close to Hillary says she is very seriously considering her options, and is interested in a potential run. But what I am also hearing is that they are looking to see who her Republican challenger might be. Someone like Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey might be a tougher candidate to try and defeat, Dan.

HARRIS: There's also reports that if John Schriffen manages to score two baskets in the NBA All-Star game, she will definitely run.

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