Matthews Supplies Secret To Restoring Washington's Good Name: More Government Programs

Nowadays, our nation's capital is in such ill-repute that if George Washington were around, he might sue to have his name taken off it. But never fear: restoring Washington's good name is just a few trillion dollars away!

So Chris Matthews assures us in an MSNBC "Lean Forward" promo that is currently airing.  After ticking off a number of big-government programs initated under past presidents, Matthews continues: "we got to get back to that, and then Washington will have a good name again." View the promo after the jump.

If Matthews is right, then Washington should be as popular as Disneyland, after all the new trillions committed in recent years on Medicare's prescripton drug program and the "stimulus." Not to mention the crown jewel itself—Obamacare.  Could it be that big-government money can't buy Washington love?

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