Halperin: No Liberal Bias In Saying Story of Dem Attempt To Exclude God From Platform 'Pretty Much Done'

Methinks the MSMer doth protest too much. If Mark Halperin weren't keenly aware that he was about to try to whitewash a huge vulnerability for the Democrats, why would he have prefaced his remark with the disclaimer that he and others weren't showing liberal bias by claiming it was no big deal?

But that's exactly what Halperin did this on today's Morning Joe.  The show rolled video of the DNC delegates clearly voting against putting God and Jerusalem-as-the-capital-of-Israel back in the platform from which they had been removed.  We then saw the convention chairman fraudently declare that two-thirds had in fact voted to reinsert the language.  But there was Halperin, claiming "I don't think it's liberal bias to say that the story is pretty much done." View the video after the jump.

Watch Halperin try to provide cover for the Dems and his fellow members of the liberal media.  Note also how Halperin's colleague John Heilemann sneeringly shakes his head when Halperin notes that conservative columnist John Podhoretz believes that the platform fiasco will turn out to be a seminal campaign moment.

Note to readers: hope to have better video quality available in future items soon.

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