Gibbs Refuses To Criticize Romney-Responsible-For-Woman's-Death Ad

In one of the more loathsome displays of this election season, Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs, appearing on today's Morning Joe, refused to criticize an ad from an Obama-endorsed Super PAC that accuses Mitt Romney of being responsible for a woman's death from cancer.

The former Obama press secretary used every tired dodge in the book to evade criticizing the commercial.  Gibbs variously claimed that: he hadn't seen the ad; wasn't familiar with the specifics of the woman's case, and didn't want to announce a general policy on denouncing false Super PAC ads.  His evasions were too much not only for Joe Scarborough, who pointed out that the PAC was run by former Obama staffer Bill Burton. Mark Halperin and even for Sam HuffPo's Stein joined in the grilling of Gibbs.  To his credit, expressing with frustration that they "would never get you to condemn the ad," Stein pointed out that while the woman lost health coverage under her husband's policy when Bain put the company into bankruptcy, she continued to have health coverage via her own employment.  Stein added that the incident occurred in 2006, long after even the Obama campaign admits Romney had nothing to do with Bain.  View the video after the jump.

No real need for a transcript.  Just gird yourself, and watch the video revealing how the Obama campaign won't distance itself from this low piece piece of gutter politics.