Mika Sticks Up For Mitt!

Come November, there's no way Mika Brzezinski will be pulling the lever for Mitt Romney.  But the MSNBC co-host had some sincere praise for the Republican standard-bearer this morning.

Expressing frustration with Rudy Giuliani--the latest in a string of Republicans to have offered only a  tepid endorsement of Romney--Brzezinski said that when she meets with Mitt and Ann, she comes away "excited," because they're "good people" and a "good family."  "What's wrong with these people? It's just ridiculous," a palpably peeved Mika said of Giuliani and others who have emitted only muted praise of Mitt.  Video after the jump.

Watch Mika's unexpected comments.  Among other things, she was reacting to Giuliani's begrudging endorsement in which he said: "If I've got a terrible cancer or something to be operated on--when I had to be operated on for prostate cancer--I didn't go to the nicest doctor, I went to the best doctor."

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Just one more question for either of you guys. In the run-up to this Giuliani endorsement--I don't know how much you know about exactly how it went down--but all of these.  But why, is the Romney campaign, are Mitt and Ann Romney meeting with these people?  Because Lord knows, that helps.  When we meet with them, the next day we're so excited because they're such nice people, they're good people, they're a good family. I don't understand why somebody can't get behind Mitt Romney and do a solid, from-the-heart, endorsement.  What's wrong with these people?   

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Mitt Romney is a lot like Barack Obama in this respect: he doesn't reach out and touch people.

. . .  

MARK HALPERIN: People who work with him in business like him as much as anyone--they love him; they sing his praises.  The people who have competed with him in politics are not big fans. And Giuliani is one of them.  But you mentioned Ann: Ann gave a speech in Connecticut last night, a Republican dinner.  I wasn't there but by every account wowed them.  And I think she has the capacity to try to get insiders more enthusiastic about the ticket.

BRZEZINSKI: I think if you meet with Mitt and Ann you walk away with more than "unlikable doctor."  Come on now: it's just ridiculous.

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