ABC Not Sure Whether Death Threats In Trayvon Martin Aftermath 'Going Too Far'

Is it right to make death threats against George Zimmerman and his family?  ABC News isn't sure. In a Good Morning America segment today on the Trayvon Martin case, as an ABC reporter spoke from Sanford, Florida, this graphic was displayed across the bottom of the screen:

"ARE DEATH THREATS GOING TOO FAR?" Video and screencap after the jump.

Oddly, neither Alex Perez, the new ABC correspondent on the scene in Sanford, nor news anchor Ron Clairborne back in the studio who introduced the segment, made any mention of death threats. Presumably, they were referring to reports such as this one, in which a Zimmerman family member says that Zimmerman's parents have received such threats. The New Black Panther Party has also offered a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman, saying "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth".  What can you say about ABC, a network with an open mind about the propriety of making death threats against Zimmerman and his family?


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